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Are You Prepared?

A recent poll sponsored by the American Red Cross of Northeastern New York found that less than one-third of Capital Region residents have not made any preparations for emergencies. Are you prepared?

The New York State Health Department:
Information for Families, Individuals and Caregivers

On this page you will find information and resources for the following New York State counties:


Albany County LogoAlbany County Website
The Albany County website has many resources including videos and a Preparedness Planning Guide:

KIWY: Keep It With You

Evacuation Request Form


Greene County SealGreen County’s Government office Website provides a link to their database of volunteers who help The Greene County Public Health Department with many medical and non-medical tasks in the event of public health emergency.

The website also provides contact information and website links to various other emergency preparedness websites in the Greater Capital Region.

Greene County Emergency Services Website


Saratoga County SealSaratoga County Emergency Services Website

Saratoga County Special Needs Registry Application PDF

Saratoga County Community Sign Up
Receive instant communication in an event of a local emergency or community alert. Register your cellphone number, email address and non-postal addresses.


Schenectady County LogoSchenectady County Emergency Management Website

Special Needs Emergency and Evacuation Registry Form

Preparing for an Emergency Video

Emergency Checklist

New York State Disaster Assistance Handbook
The New York State Disaster Assistance Handbook provides an overview of some of the issues that you may face and the resources that may be available to you as a result of disaster damage that has occurred. This handbook is for individuals, families, and small businesses in New York State.

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