Resources : Emergency & Disaster Preparedness Planning

Are You Prepared?

Emergency Preparedness means taking steps to be ready for emergencies before they happen. Some examples of emergencies are: winter storms, thunderstorms, earthquakes, tornados, power outages, flooding, disease outbreaks, and pandemic flu. No matter what the emergency or disaster may be, being prepared, having a plan, and staying well informed will minimize the effect it has on you and your loved ones.

It’s important that you know the answer to these three questions:

  1. If I needed to leave home in an emergency, what would I take and where would I go?
  2. Do my loved ones and I know how to contact each other in an emergency?
  3. Do I have the necessary supplies in my home in case a disaster required me and my loved ones to remain there for several days?

The following national information will help you answer these questions as well as provide many additional tools and tips to ensure you are prepared for an emergency.

The Red Cross

American Red Cross LogoAs the nation’s preeminent preparedness and safety training organization, the American Red Cross developed the following emergency-specific checklists using the latest research, science, best practices and expert opinions.

The Red Cross Website

Preparing for Disaster for People with Disabilities and Other Special Needs: