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Recently, New York’s new Sexual Anti-Harassment Law went into effect requiring all employers in the state to implement a workplace sexual harassment prevention policy. In addition, all employers must provide their employees with sexual harassment prevention training as soon as possible after hiring them and then annually thereafter. This new law covers all employers, including Consumers and Designated Representatives (DRs) who use Consumer Directed Personal Assistance.

Under the new law, Consumers/DRs must have a sexual harassment prevention policy and provide it to their Personal Assistants (PAs) in writing or electronically upon hire. CDChoices Consumers/DRs can find a sample policy to use as guidance when establishing a sexual harassment prevention policy by logging into the Consumer portion of the link and visiting the Resource page.

Consumers/DRs are free to develop their own sexual harassment prevention policy and form documenting they have provided PA training, but will need to make sure they are compliant with New York State law. To learn more about the compliance requirements and access training resources access the Consumer/DR resources page on the CDChoices website or visit the New York State website.

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