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Crystal Bergmann

Crystal Bergman ImageCrystal Bergmann started using Consumer Directed Personal Assistance (CDPA) while she was just a teenager still living with her parents. She knew she wanted to live independently in her own apartment and CDPA was a way to accomplish that goal. She moved out on her own in 2007, fulfilling her dream of independence. “Using CDPA made it possible for me to move out on my own, something I had always wanted to be able to do,” Crystal said…Read Full Story

Joann Pagan & Ermalinda Ramirez

Joann Pagan & Ermalinda RamirezJoann’s sister helped her research options for home care and they discovered Consumer Directed Choices. For Joann, consumer directed personal assistance (CDPA) was “like a blessing I didn’t even know I was waiting for.” Joann was happy to have help from others, and felt relief that her mother would be able to stay at home and not be “put away” in a nursing home…Read Full Story

Ida Cardinale

Ida Cardinale ImageIda Cardinale has used home care for almost six years. When she first required assistance at home, she used a traditional nursing agency to meet her care needs. Ida remembers this experience as not being very efficient. “Often, I would communicate to the agency that my schedule was changed but this message wouldn’t make it to the aide. Sometimes they would show up when I wasn’t home. Or, I would be waiting at home at a time when I needed help and no staff would show up.” Ida’s experience with an agency led her to ask her caseworker if there were any alternative options…” Read Full Story

Sylvia Samson

Zeenish, Alishba and Sameer Samson Relax at HomeSylvia is a Designated Representative for 3 of her children who use Consumer Directed Personal Assistance (CDPA). As Sylvia stated, “When our kids were born, we did not know they would ever have a disability. We have all had to adjust over time as they now require total care.” For Sylvia, the most important benefit to using CDPA is that her family remains together since her children are able to live at home. “I see them every day. I may be busy, or at work, but I know they are well cared for and they are at home with all of us where they belong. It makes me feel more comfortable to have them with us…” Read Full Story

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