Peer Mentor : Recruiting


Consumers receive numerous tips, advice and even job posting samples to aid you in your recruiting process through the Peer Mentor Program.

Excerpt from “Steps of the Hiring Process”:

Advertise: Successfully attracting the right people involves using multiple sources. There isn’t one single source that works all the time, so be open to advertising in various ways. (See attached “Quick Tips on Finding Personal Assistants.”) If you’d rather not be swamped with calls, you may have applicants respond to an e-mail address. (Also see attached “Sample Job Ad.”)

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How to Apply

To use CDPA you must have Medicaid. If you do not have Medicaid but think you may be eligible for Medicaid and CDPA, contact county’s Department of Social Services (DSS) or your Managed Care Organization (MCO).

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Interviewing Help

Want help knowing what questions to ask and what to look for when interviewing potential PAs?  A peer mentor will help guide you through the ins-and-outs of the interview process.

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Supervising Help

You have found the perfect applicant and hired them…now what?  Learn about the processes you can implement to better supervise your Personal Assistant.

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Evaluating Help

It’s important to properly evaluate your Personal Assistant for many reasons.  A Peer Mentor will educate you on the importance of evaluations and assist in ensuring you are properly evaluating your Personal Assistant.

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