Peer Mentor : Interviewing


The interview process can be intimidating. Our Peer Mentor Program is here to help walk you through the process:

Excerpt from Initial Contact Guide:

Review Non-Negotiables: If you’re adamant that you need someone to assist with lifting, and it turns out they are unable to lift, now’s the time to deal with that. It may be difficult, but it’s necessary to politely explain that your ad clearly stated you’re looking for someone who can lift, and that it just wouldn’t work. There’s no sense in going any further if they don’t fit the qualifications for the position. Don’t let them sway you. Stick to your guns. However, thank them for their time. Cut the call short and move on.

How to Apply

To use CDPA you must have Medicaid. If you do not have Medicaid but think you may be eligible for Medicaid and CDPA, contact county’s Department of Social Services (DSS.

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Recruiting Help

The hiring process can be intimidating, but it doesn’t need to be.  A Peer Mentor will educate you on all of the recruiting steps; from creating a job description, to assessing candidates.

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Supervising Help

You have found the perfect applicant and hired them…now what?  Learn about the processes you can implement to better supervise your Personal Assistant.

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Evaluating Help

It’s important to properly evaluate your Personal Assistant for many reasons.  A Peer Mentor will educate you on the importance of evaluations and assist in ensuring you are properly evaluating your Personal Assistant.

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