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Consumer: Cindy H.

I’m a survivor. Skeptics watch from afar as I struggle. My past difficulties included a disabling illness, my career cut short at age 35, a divorce after 30 years of marriage, household foreclosure, skin cancer, plumbing issues and loss of vehicular and social independence to name a few,

Do I need help? lol

In rolls Constance Layman with a self directed team of professionals. That woman knew the movers and shakers in the region! Together they have crafted a solution to meet the needs of an incredibly diverse population. Praise the Lord!

Please join me and the legions of others who have reclaimed their dignity and independence. Only the strong can graciously accept help when it is offered. It is your choice. Be strong and be well! Many helping hands are waiting.

Designated Representative: Vicky M. for Ryan M.

Our Personal Assistant has been a part of my son Ryan’s life for over 15 years. She knows his needs almost as well as I do. She has given us the ability to keep Ryan at home with us which is where he wants to be.

We are able to work and most importantly able to take some time off from the demands of having a child with many needs (who is now an adult at 27). We recognize that as we age this has become more important than ever. And we know we can take this time without feeling apprehensive or guilty because he is in loving and capable hands.

Personal Assistant: Denise T.

Denise Tuft SpeakingI just wanted to take a moment to thank you for recognizing and honoring the PA’s in our area. As I said in the award ceremony: This type of work has been my passion, but the experiences I’ve had have been my blessings!

Thank you so much for working so hard to keep this program available to our community.

Designated Representative: Karen P.

I like the staff at CDChoices. They do a super job! They answer all my questions. They help me and my family.

Personal Assistant: Amy E.

CDChoices is a great company and they help to empower the Consumers in their program!!!

Consumer: Josephine D.

This note is to let you know how much I enjoy my computer. Thanks for the laughter I had, the learning experience, the music I heard – I’m so thankful for it all and probably more that will come as I learn and learn.

Consumer: Tyler S.

Tyler Sgarlata at ComputerRob and Joan S, parents of Tyler S relayed “Thank you for choosing Tyler as a recipient of one of the computers. As luck would have it, our computer crashed beyond repair. The new one arrived and was up and running a few days later.”

Consumer: Amy M.

It has been my experience that illness has a way of making an individual’s world a “smaller” world and some things are no longer available to us that were a part of our lives. Being a part of this program has expanded my possibilities in ways I didn’t anticipate. I have found that a little help goes a long way. What could open up a person’s world more than the World Wide Web, especially with so much of communication shifting to this medium. I thank you for the opportunity to continue to be a part of it. Thank you for the reliable computer system you have allowed me to own.

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