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If you aren’t sure who to speak with, just call the office and explain your issue and we will direct you to the best person to assist you! Our staff is here to serve you Monday-Friday 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

(518) 464-0810
(800) 335-0810
(518) 690-0690 (TTY/TTD)

Anita R.  Program Support Associate
ext. 46

Anne M.  Timesheet Processor Associate
ext. 13

Annie W.  Office Associate II
ext. 41

Antionette H.  Program Associate
ext. 37

Archana G.  Payroll Operations Manager
ext. 16

Benjamin G.  Business Systems Analyst
ext. 40

Ben S.  Accounting Associate II
ext. 17

Blaise B.  Community and Outreach Associate
ext. 44

Brian F.  Financial Operations Manager
ext. 39

Carol D.  Program Director, Corporate Compliance Officer
ext. 27

Chaitannand N.  Timesheet Processor Associate
ext. 36

Chris G.  Chief Financial Officer
ext. 12

Connie B.  HR Associate
ext. 38

Danielle L.  Accounts Receivable Associate
ext. 32

Denise D.  Communications and Outreach Specialist
ext. 29

Elizabeth M.  Chief Executive Officer, Back Up Corporate Compliance Officer
ext. 11

Erica G.  Office Associate II
ext. 14

Jordan L.  Payroll Associate
ext. 24

Karen A.  HR Manager
ext. 21

Lisa W.  Program Associate
ext. 34

Liz M. Accounts Receivable Associate II
ext. 19

Luci G.  Timesheet Processor Associate
ext. 31

Mackenzie F.  Timesheet Processor Associate
ext. 42

Margaret A. Program Associate
ext. 22

Marian E.  Program Associate
ext. 20

Margie C.  Peer Mentor
ext. 26

Melissa G.  Lead Program Associate
ext. 18

Melyssa W.  Program Associate
ext. 28

Naomi G.  Office Operations Manager
ext. 10

Samantha M.  HR Assistant
ext. 35

Stephanie B.  HR Assistant
ext. 45

Suzanne H.   Eligibility Associate
ext. 25

Our team is available to answer any questions you may have.

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